Accompanying program of this year’s Bear Stone Festival

Accompanying program of this year’s Bear Stone Festival

It is with great pleasure that we announce that this year’s zero edition of the festival has been snatched away! Limited tickets are gone in just under two weeks since their release into digital circulation. This is an indicator of how much interest the festival has gained from international and domestic audiences even before it started. Thanks again everyone!

This year’s edition will host 12 bands! Headliners & co-headliners include MARS RED SKY (FR), BLACK RAINBOWS (IT), ACID MAMMOTH (GR) and MOTHER VULTURE (UK) with their exclusive performances and the support of esteemed bands SHE LOVES PABLO (Zg), STONEBRIDE (Zg), DALIBOROVO GRANJE (Međimurje), JASTREB (Zg), WIZARD OF STONE MOUNTAIN (St), ACHACHAK (Sinj), POMELO CHESS SOCIETY (Ri) and ARISES (Zd).

Below we bring you news about the accompanying program, SVIRAJ!JAM stage, the performance of DJs and additional information related to the festival itself.

Instead of the usual chill-out stage that is repeated at numerous festivals, we decided to show a different program during the day. SVIRAJ!JAM started in 2019 as an independent weekend vacation organized by renowned professional musicians of the prolific Zagreb music scene. The jam is led by Erol Zejnilović (ABOP, Elemental, Kries, marisol), Sara Ercegović (ŽEN) and Luka Čapeta (Mary May, pastele, Krv u stolici, Duetto Chapetlewsky).

The electronic program of the Bear Stone Festival will bring together DJs whose eclectic sets build a bridge between fat riffs and club bass music. Expect dirty, distorted, experimental and psychedelic electronics that evoke head-banging and dancing.

Inspired by styles ranging from eccentric jazz, hip-hop rhythms and psychedelic soundscapes to noisy riffs from the depths of hell. For a dance floor setting, she enjoys mixing a wide range of genres with an emphasis on heavy bass and playful percussion, all spiced with a bit of madness and drama. Her passion for electronic music really began when she fell in love with drum and bass. She started the ZEZ Festival which presents experimental music and sound art. She is part of the Subtilno – a DJ collective dedicated to drum and bass, footwork and jungle. In 2021, she played a set at the first Croatian Boiler Room event.

She rarely accepts booking requests for DJ-ing. Rather prefers to juggle the duties of event organizers and promote favorite DJs and producers. That’s why 7 years ago she launched NO BALANCE club nights whose idea was to link experimentation with genre inconsistency. So far, she has adorned the Zagreb scene with many interesting guest artists such as Le Dom, Privacy, Spoiled Drama, Fabrice Lig, M.O.O.N, Dual Shaman, X-Coast, etc. She is very much in love with rap and hip-hop with electronics. Her club style is a combination of imaginative techno with strong grime and breakbeat moments, but for this open-air festival she will dive even deeper into her strange but refined musical taste.

He and his mustache arrived on the scene with an already established musical background and a history of performances across Europe as Implant (Freak-Obscene, Temper D productions, Melting Pot, etc.). Dissatisfied with the lack of diversity in the music he created, he changed his name to VRH and started experimenting, showing off his hip-hop, IDM and dub roots mixed with drum and bass elements. Soon after the change of style, he began releasing for labels such as Architecture, Tribe12, Metnem and Dubkraft. He gets great support from influential names like Gremlinz, DJ Ink, Raiden, Moresounds, Om Unit, Codex, The Untouchables, Zero T, Noisia and many others.

He’s a DJ, event organizer and promoter active on the scene for almost 6 years. His sets are often a combination of fast dance music from all genres, imbued with deconstructed, post-club and changing moments – all coming together to construct a meaningful story through intense mixing, cutting and jungle-imbued style. His recent DJ sets have ended up on NTS and Rinse FM shows through presenters such as ZULI and Object Blue. He is a co-founder of the VOLTA collective, a local crew focused on promoting progressive and advanced music.

We encourage our visitors who have secured their ticket to arrive the day before as the festival location, camp and car park will be open from Thursday, 30.6. in the afternoon. On that day, there will be a catering offer on site with vinyl DJ surprise sets.

Camping in the designated places around the festival is free and is included in the festival ticket. All camps are equipped with showers and toilets that can be used freely at no charge. The camps open the day before the festival (June 30) and close the day after the festival (July 3). Open fires and generators are strictly forbidden in and around the camp! Parking for vehicles is provided and free and is located near the festival location.


Inquiries about journalistic accreditations, media partnership and festival coverage, please send to -> no later than June 15. For all other questions please contact ->


The festival is held in Donje Primišlje (Croatia) in a breathtaking location, right next to the river Mrežnica, which with its distinctive emerald color is known as one of the most pristine rivers in Croatia. At the same time, the logistics center of the world-famous trance electronic music festival Mo: Dem (Momento Demento).


Bear Stone Festival is located in the canyon of Mrežnica and is completely surrounded by forest. Both the forest and the river are what make the festival site a part of nature in its most basic and pristine form. The festival site is a 15-minute drive from the towns of Slunj and Ogulin on each side, a 45-minute drive from the world-famous Plitvice Lakes National Park, an hour’s drive from the capital Zagreb and an hour and a half from the Adriatic Sea.