Straight from the bleak north-west of England comes Conan! A band in which three men carry the burden of an abysmal, humming, pounding weight. Through gaping chasms and bleak desolated battlefields they deliver tone and riffs so dark and thick that all the gods turn the other way to avoid suffocation under the unearthly (sonic) pressure of this trio.

Since 2007., they have slowly but surely taken their deserved place at the forefront of heavy music in Great Britain and the world. They are regularly listed high in the album lists of relevant media (Pitchfork, Kerrang!, Metal Hammer, The Obelisk, Decibel Magazine, etc.). On the wings of their last year’s great album Evidence of Immortality, they come to deliver an unusual dose of wild, galloping and relentless fuzz! There is no escape, no rest…