We are beyond happy to announce the legendary Kadavar as the second headliner of Bear Stone Festival!

Kadavar are a Hard/Psychedelic Rock powerhouse with roots dating back to 2010. Emerging from Berlin’s vibrant music scene, the trio of Christoph Lindemann, Simon Bouteloup, and Christoph Bartelt craft a sound that marries ’70s Hard Rock with elements of Psychedelic and Stoner Rock.

Their meteoric rise began with the release of their debut album in 2012, followed by breakout records like “Abra Kadavar” and “Berlin”, which earned them critical acclaim and chart success in Germany. With subsequent albums like “Rough Times”, “For The Dead Travel Fast” and their latest album “The Isolation Tapes”, Kadavar continued to evolve their signature sound while also establishing their own label, Robotor Records.Known for their energetic live performances, Kadavar’s self-recording approach and unique production techniques ensure an authentic representation of their dynamic stage presence. Their riff-heavy sound resonates with fans of Hard Rock and Psychedelia alike, solidifying their status as pioneers in the modern Rock landscape.

Get to know them: