Under the indestructible leadership of the main mastermind, the only original member, guitarist and singer Dave Wyndorf, in almost 35 years they overcame absolutely all obstacles that a full-blooded heavy rock band can encounter in its way. Active since 1989. and known for a sound inspired in equal measure by artists such as (early) Alice Cooper, MC5, Hawkwind, The Stooges, Black Sabbath, Jack Kirby and Amon Duul II.

The band gained the most attention and fame with their album Powertrip and their hit single Space Lord, thus opening the door to a more commercial sound with a touch of space rock and psychedelia. To date, they have released 10 officially released albums (in addition to other releases), played side by side with the biggest names and held solo tours all over the world. Also, they are directly responsible and credited for popularizing the stoner rock sound along with bands such as Masters of Reality, Kyuss, Fu Manchu and Sleep.