Quiet Confusion are a dynamic Rock’n’roll, psychedelic, and heavy-blues band hailing from Verona, Italy, founded in 2009. Their musical journey began with the release of their debut EP in 2010, followed by their self-produced full-length album “Jungle” in 2012, featuring the notable single “Rock Till I Ride”, accompanied by a successful music video.

The band’s partnership with Go Down Records in 2013 led to the launch of their second album “Commodor” in 2014, highlighted by the popular single “Livin’ With The Sun”. Their engaging live performances and the positive reception of the album propelled them to appear at renowned festivals such as Sherwood, the Home Festival, and the Maximum Festival, sharing stages with an array of talented artists.

In 2017, Quiet Confusion underwent a lineup change, transitioning into a powerful duo and releasing “China Pensionne”. Their musical journey continued to flourish, culminating in the 2022 release of “Magella”, their fourth and final album under the Go Down Records label, following the earlier release of the invigorating live-recorded single “Wastin’ Time” in 2021.

The band has had the privilege of performing alongside an impressive array of artists including Nick Oliveri, Mario Lalli, Parker Griggs, Sean Wheeler, Nebula, Danko Jones, and many others, solidifying their reputation as a force to be reckoned with in the rock music scene.

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