Tight Grips are a rock trio formed in the summer of 2014, quickly gained attention with their self-titled demo album. Their explosive energy and solid performances led them to win the 20th Croatian Music Festival, propelling them to the forefront of the local scene. In 2017, the band embarked on a mini-tour in the UK, playing at notable venues such as The Grove Tavern in Bournemouth and the Cotswold festival alongside acts like Hoosiers and Dr. Feelgood.

Returning from their UK tour, the band delved back into the studio, shaping their sound further, resulting in the release of their second studio album, “Move Along,” characterised by a raw and gritty edge. In 2022, they were in the process of recording their third album, “Cardinal Vices” exploring a darker, more experimental, and mystical sound. Their recently released demo single, “Raft” offers a glimpse into this upcoming musical direction and can be found on their YouTube channel.

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