After the success of this year’s edition of Bear Stone Festival and in the midst of preparations for next year, we would like to take a moment to announce an additional direction in which our story is developing. Introducing Bear Stone Promotions.

Bear Stone Promotions represents the newly established branch of the Bear Stone brand that is in charge of organizing club shows by artists that share our love towards the wide spectrum of Stoner/Psychedelic/Fuzz Rock sounds.

One of the fundamental goals of this initiative is to further strengthen the Croatian scene focusing on these specific genres. We wish to encourage young local bands, and to give them the opportunity to perform alongside well-known names, but also to encourage visitors to discover new artists and genres.

Through Bear Stone Promotions, we want to organize concerts of previously well-known cult names of these genres, but we also want to present lesser-known bands that have yet to build their reputation in the music world. The task we set before ourselves is to gain the trust of our visitors so that, even though they may not have heard of a certain artist, they trust us enough to discover something new.

Here are the first shows we have in store in 2024:

15.03. MR.BISON + support, Klub Močvara

28.04. Bongzilla + Kadabra, Klub Močvara

09.05. Mondo Generator + support, Klub Močvara

12.06. Nebula + support, Vintage Industrial Bar

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Starting from Tuesday, December 19 at 10 AM until Sunday, December 24 at midnight, we’ll be releasing a special bundle for all 4 shows at a special price for just 39€.

Make sure to use this limited one-time offer to get 4 great shows at a 30% discount!

👉 15.03. Mr. Bison + support, Klub Močvara 👈

From the scenic coastal town of Tuscany, Italy, Mr. Bison emerges as a sonic alchemist, fusing heavy psychedelic sounds with progressive elements and evocative soundscapes. With four albums under their belt, their musical evolution ranges from Stoner/Psych Sounds to the intricate realms of Heavy Psychedelic Progressive Sounds. The acclaimed “Holy Oak” in 2018 and the conceptual masterpiece “Seaward” solidified their status, propelling them to numerous European and US tours, gracing renowned festivals such as Desertfest Berlin, London, and Antwerp. In 2023 they were a part of the Bear Stone Festival lineup where they had their Croatian debut. Now, with a freshly produced concept album in the works, Mr. Bison continues to captivate audiences with their genre-defying musical odyssey. As they embark on their sonic ventures, the mystique of Mr. Bison weaves a spellbinding tale of musical exploration and transcendence.

👉 28.04. Bongzilla + Kadabra, Klub Močvara 👈

Formed amidst the haze of Wisconsin in 1995, Bongzilla became the sonic architects of green musical journeys. With an enigmatic early period marked by split releases and EPs, their ascent led to a Relapse Records signing and the release of groundbreaking albums like “Stash” and “Gateway.” After a brief hiatus, Bongzilla returned with a revitalized lineup in 2015, embarking on extensive tours and delivering seismic performances at festivals like Roadburn and Desertfest. The stoner rock pioneers, now a thunderous trio, continue to blaze a trail, geared up with their new album “Dab City” and set to unleash their sonic onslaught.

Kadabra emerged in 2020, swiftly signing with Heavy Psych Sounds and releasing their crushing doom debut, “Ultra,” in 2021. With relentless touring across the US and Europe, they’ve solidified their sonic presence, setting the stage for their newest release, “Umbra,” a focused yet immersive journey that came out on October 6 via Heavy Psych Sounds Records.

👉 09.05. Mondo Generator + support, Klub Močvara 👈

Mondo Generator, formed in 1997 by Nick Oliveri of Queens of the Stone Age, unleashed their brand of criminal insanity with the classic “Cocaine Rodeo” in 2000. Transitioning from a solo project to a full band, they’ve traversed Stoner/Psych sounds to Heavy Psychedelic Progressive, earning acclaim with albums like “A Drug Problem That Never Existed” and “Shooter’s Bible”. After a hiatus during Oliveri’s Kyuss reunion, they returned in 2012 with “Hell Comes To Your Heart” and are now back with a new lineup, album “Fuck It” and a reissue spree through Heavy Psych Sounds. Amidst the stoner rock landscape, Mondo Generator’s thunderous return promises a renewed assault on the senses.

👉 12.06. Nebula + support, Vintage Industrial Bar 👈

Formed in 1997 by guitarist Eddie Glass and drummer Ruben Romano after departing from Fu Manchu, Nebula swiftly became torchbearers of feedback-drenched Heavy Rock. Drawing on influences like Jimi Hendrix, MC5, The Stooges, and Mudhoney, Nebula’s sound is a potent mix of Black Sabbath riffery, Psychedelic and Space Rock. Known for their dynamic live performances, Nebula’s early works, including “To the Center” and “Charged,” set the stage for their resurgence with the release of “Holy Shit” in 2020, showcasing a revitalized lineup. Their reissued classics and a powerful return demonstrated Nebula’s enduring commitment to propelling conscious-expanding rock into the 21st century.

We are immensely grateful for the tremendous support that has brought us from the announcement of our Year Zero edition of the festival to this moment. This is just a small part of our big plans for the future.

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